How to pay for ads: 8 tips for freshmen.


How does the Instagram advertising campaign launch?

 Let’s start with the basics. We will not describe everything step by step in details, just tell in a few words. If you don’t know how to apply for ads on Instagram at all. First of all, if you don’t have a page on Facebook you need to sign in. Because campaign launches only with Facebook. Moreover, the page should be public. It is very important. Next. You need to snap your card, PayPal or QiwiWallet to your new profile. After that, linking Facebook and Instagram accounts in the advertising office and choosing the required parameters in a panel of ads settings. After that, you should press a “launch”. And that’s all, the campaign was started.  Actually, here is all the steps of applying advertisement on Instagram. There are no difficulties, and all stages are intuitive.

What budget to choose and how to pay for Instagram ads? 

  1. Choose an approach. In fact, there are three approaches to budgeting in social networks.

  • freshman and practitioner – had never made an advertisement in social networks and only started tackling this thing so they are having difficulties with start budget choosing;

  • scaling and growth – the most difficult way because it usually has the highest expectation; 

  • high urgency - it used when you need to get as fast a result from advertising as possible.

  1. Choose the variant of budget. Based on the chosen approach you can calculate the budget of Instagram adverts.

  • Freshman should better start with 1$ payment. If you will set less, you could track only other words, the budget should be 3 times more than your product’s price. This is done so that Facebook algorithms correctly consider the audience, giving maximum results. It is necessary to get maximal results. 

  • The full reach. This type of budget is for those who are ready to spend to ads any money. This way is extremely easy: you are setting the biggest sums to the biggest amount of possible audiences. To calculate the audience correctly using Facebook’s algorithms. Objectively, this is irrational if looking from the business side, but, on the other hand, that is the most effective way to get large reaches in a little time.

  •  several metrics of the promo. It will be difficult to get new orders.

  • Advertisers are usually launching 2 groups of 1$ adverts to test the audience. This minimum is required. You can make more groups with higher payments. For example, launch three groups of 5$ each. If 15$ per day is too much for you, keep the minimal 1$ budget. You can increase the cost when you reveal the working audience.

There is one more variant of calculating budget:  payment of one group should be equal to three potential conversions.
  1.  Learn how to manage the budget. Freshmen should learn one important rule of launching ads in social networks: don’t touch what works. If promo works and performs the function by its best (gives metrics and orders which are necessary), don’t change the budget. Keep it working.

  2. Don’t change the ad again and again. There is one more nuance which newbies are always forgetting about. Any change in ads Facebook is regarding as new ad. And it doesn’t matter what have you changed: a picture, a text or just one letter. Algorithms of Facebook will consider that as a new promo message and reset to zero all the results you got earlier. Actually, this feature doesn’t affect the budget of the advertisement campaign. 

  3. If you want to change the budget, do it carefully. It is recommended to increase and decrease the budget by 15-20% and no more than once a day (or two days). A sharp change in a budget would provoke changes in the algorithm. That is completely useless to you. If you need to low the budget, just disable your ads. But if you want to raise the price, you should better duplicate the promo and set a new price in the copy. But it would be better if you will act gradually.

  4. Plan the budget of ads. That is not necessary to do it in advance. It would be even better to plan that after the ads launching. That is more appropriate because you don’t know what will happen with the algorithm and what quality of advertisement would be before the launching. When it is better to start the budget planning?  At least four weeks after the first campaign. You can estimate the quality of work and efficiency of a promo for this time. Leaning on that you can plan your budget correctly. The main is not to hurry up. Give a chance to adverts show its potential. By the way, there are not included strategies of growth and scaling because it is impossible to predict the size of the enlarged budget’s advertising profit. We can only calculate the approximate budget based on our metrics.

  5. Choose the way of payment. When you will set up ads, there will be offered to you to choose the source, from which funds will be debited in the future. You can choose the payments with credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or payment system PayPal. Also, you can choose several sources of advertisement: main and additional. In this way, in case of program couldn’t write off money from the main source, it will write off it from second, third etc.automatically.

  6. Set the expenses limit.  You simply indicate the maximum amount of money that you can spend on Instagram advertising. When you will reach the limit, ads would turn off automatically. To turn the campaign back, you need to enlarge (drop) the limit or take it off at all. When you taking off the limit, the sum is resetting to zero and all the process starts over. If you delete the limit, so there are two ways of contour: adverts show until reaching the date of shows ending (is that installed); adverts show until you will stop this process by yourself.

What if you will not pay off an advertisement on Instagram? 

There is no anything to fear if at the moment of writing off the money there will be insufficient funds. Facebook would try to withdraw the money from optional bank accounts. If you don’t have them or there is no money, your bill would be deleted from financial sources. Also, Facebook stops your campaign showing off and starts sending you a message asking to pay the debt as fast as possible.

As soon as you replenish your bank card or PayPal, you can return deleted financial sources back. Then Facebook will do everything by itself: withdraw the money and pay your debt off. 

But it is possible only once. If that situation will be repeated, Facebook would act in another way. Social networks will block the promo account, arguing that with repeated violations of rules. And that will be impossible to unlock it. So it is very important to keep an eye on the availability of the required amount of money on the main bill (or optional, at least), to let Facebook withdraw the payment of the ad on time. 

What to do if payment for Instagram advertising is not debiting?

There are different situations happening. For example, you can’t pay for the advertisement because the payment doesn’t work.

If you are sure that there is enough money on your account and card isn’t on the block, do the next steps:  

  • try to find out the reason from your financial services provider;

  • add a new funding source to your account;

  • change the payment settings so that you can repay the debt manually.

Generally, money is not debiting because the bank can’t process the payment. In any case, advertising will resume as soon as you pay off the debt. By the way, algorithms of Facebook provide for recover lost time to fit into the above dates and budgets after paying your debts. 

Actually, the technology of Instagram ads payments is easy. Its enough to enter the required settings, monitor the amount of money on your account, analyze your campaign sometimes and change the budget if it is necessary.

But you can leave that and get rid of that headache. All you need to do is transfer your account promotion and advertising on Instagram to the reliable hands of specialists. We will establish a harmonious relationship between your adverts and Instagram.



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Вы успешно прошли регистрацию на сайте и можете воспользоваться всеми преимуществами вместе с нами.