Followers cheating on Instagram: consequences and what tricks to use to replace the cheating.


Why do people start cheating on Instagram?

We asked ourselves: how does it even occur to people to start winding subscribers instead of starting to make good content and move forward with it? What encourages them to play a dishonest game? And so, after a little reflection, we fished out 5 main reasons:

  • The user wants to have cool account. As a rule, many people (especially bloggers-beginners) are feeling shy about the small number of followers on their page. Because it is considered that having not many followers is not respectable. As a result, everyone wants to have a popular profile with millions of likes and comments.

  • It is required to advertise the business. Instagram is not the usual social network anymore. It turned into a global shop. That is why people are using Instagram to promote their brand, product or service. Actually, Instagram sells well and may become the biggest platform for business sales. The main issue is to choose the right target audience.

  • Self-promotion and promotion of personal accounts. Those who want turn their names into a brand are ready to do everything to reach this goal. 

  • Looking for new friends and like-minded people. The subscriber cheating is using those who want admiration, adoration, approval from as many people as possible.

  • Extra earnings required. Heard about stories about large profits that can give Instagram account, the freshmen are eager to get more followers. Does it work? Nobody knows.

The most popular ways of subscribers cheating

In fact, there is a variety of ways to get more followers. We chose 4 basic methods:

  1. Cheat bots or offers. It is pure that it is difficult to expand the circle of real followers using high-quality content.Those who don’t like waiting and investing prefer to increase the audience using fake followers – bots. They have no activity. They are only for the amount or beautiful number which will warm the soul.

  2. Mass follow and mass-like. This type of promotion is usually making by hand or automatically. Selfmade advertising requires a lot of time and there is no guarantee that new followers will be from your targeting audience. Automatic promotion is making with using special programs. It makes possible launching target ads chose the audience choosing by sex, age, geography, and interests.

  3. Comments spam. To some extent, this way is similar to mass like and mass follow. Instagram refers to «spammy» comments different phrases without any sense such as «+1», «nice photo», «follow you», «.» etc. And not only refers, but also ruthlessly removes.

  4. Hashtags spam. There are still users on Instagram who don’t know that stamping a thousand tags under each photo is an old-fashioned bad manner. By the way, there are many users still doing that. Remember that in this case, quantity is not equal to quality. That would be better to leave two or three hashtags that would exactly work and not go too far.

  5. Advertisement in popular accounts. In this case, you should write qualitative informative posts and choose pages that are in the same industry as you.

What will happen if Instagram reveals cheating?

To begin with, it happens to everyone who decided to cheat on followers. If you will get caught on that, the consequences could be next:

  • Instagram bans accounts for bots cheating;

  • mass like and mass follow are limited (usually not more than 1000 followings, likes, comments, etc. per hour), violation of that limits may lead to blocking or deleting of your account;

  • if you will spam with comments or tags – Instagram will offend and ban your page; 

  • while giving advertisement in the popular account you are risking to choose the page with the wrong target audience and all the efforts (and expenses) will be vain. 

You should realize that subscribers cheating was a good way to make an Instagram page a popular a long time ago. Nowadays everything puts in another way, everything was changed:   and Instagram algorithms, and people’s perception. And you need to get used to it.

In addition to blocking and/or deleting your account, you will find something more terrible – loss of trust from the side of followers, growth of negative attitudes and many unfollows. That is a strong negative impact on reputation, especially, if you have a business account.

5 legal and effective ways of followers wrapping replacement

Many users don’t understand sincerely, how to promote the Instagram profile besides the cheating. But, actually, there are many cool legal ways. The results are more slow, of course, but they are more effective, reliable and work not only to enlarge the number of followers but also to improve your reputation.

  1. Think over your goal. Give yourself a question: «Why do I have a profile on Instagram? What do I want to get?». If you can’t answer those questions, you should sit down and think about the answers to these questions. Because your page should have a target. Moreover, clear and detailed. Otherwise, you will post everything, without any sense. Instagram users don’t like that so they will unfollow you. 

As a goal option – selling goods, providing services, attracting new customers, training, active communication with followers, etc. When you will set a goal, it will become much easier for you to create a new strategy.

  1. Explore your competitors. Do it as well as you can. Think about their rise and falls and turn it to your favor. Practice their pros, learn cons.  

  2. Attract real followers. Real people are better than bots, isn’t it? Of course, it is easier to cheat, especially at the beginning of the promotion. Get rid of these thoughts. Try to win over your audience instead of cheating.

  1. Make rich content. People are coming to social networks to get good content. That is why make different posts: informational, entertaining, educational and promo sometimes. Share (sincerely, of course) your or your company, communicate with followers, answer the comments. Love your followers, take care of them and they will answer you in the same way.

  2. Find inspirational sources. It happens that inspiration to make qualitative content disappears of ideas are over. What to do? Бывает, что вдохновение делать годноту иссякает или заканчиваются идеи. Что делать? Appeal to Instagram – there are many cool profiles where you can find useful and interesting ideas.

All in all, we are standing for fair promotion and qualitative good content. We advise you to refuse to cheat because that will be finished bad. Moreover, a large number of followers will not increase reach and impressions. On the contrary, gradually you will stop appearing to followers at all because of their low activity. You may not have many subscribers, but all of them will be “alive” and active, they will love and appreciate you for cool approach and emotions. And then gradually the audience will increase by itself. Just a little patience and diligence and Instagram will reward you deservedly.


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