The sales pitch for Instagram: 4 effective ways to make it more effective + 5 ideas of creating an Instagram sales pitch.


Why should you write the texts?

Actually, if your photos are perfect and beautiful, you may think that you have no need for writing texts under the photos. But, unfortunately, that is the wrong statement. Nowadays, this is no longer relevant. Of course, if your account was created as a photo album or boasting platform, you can get rid of necessity in descriptions. Keep sharing the moments of your life without saying any word. But if you want to make a popular profile, such as personal blog, the sales pitches are strongly required.

All in all, let’s come to a decision that Instagram is not a photo platform anymore. It became the social network with breathtaking posts, even long reads. People wanna read. They would like to explore something new, to become convinced, attracted, admired, inspired and, finally, happy. If you will try to evoke this feeling by doing your best, putting some heart and giving all your energy, you will get the extremely powerful feedback. Actually, if you want to get active and dedicated followers, write the long reads. If you are eager to enlarge the target audiences and to increase the sales, write the long reads. Wanna become famous and popular? The answer is long reads. Write the posts under your amazing photos. Amen. 

 How does the sales post work?

To see, how does the sales post work, you should distinguish them between standard annoying advertisements. For example, you are selling nice t-shirts with cool prints. And there is a person who extremely needs your t-shirts. Or doesn’t need it. But he would buy it in any case because it is wonderful. And once upon a time, this person saw your profile where a lot of different vivid and beautiful t-shirts. But there is no text under the photos. So the person opens many posts hoping to see at least a few lines about its brand, but there is emptiness everywhere. What happens next? In this case, your t-shirt would buy only those who really need it. Others would follow you on Instagram. Maybe. But most people just would close your page and follow a more friendly seller which would describe every unit and give some advice if it is needed. Unlike your page where you have only standard pictures – boring. Nowadays people became very fastidious and demanding so they will not admire your page is there would be only photos. The main role of texts in sales posts is to make followers interested, in other words, to attract potential buyers. Social networks are not separate e-shops or ads platform where people especially coming to buy something. On Instagram, for example, the deal starts from subscription, not from purchasing. Using interesting informative and entertaining texts is trick which would cling to buyers and keep holding until it is needed.

Remember the fact that followers are looking for high-quality content, not only for bargains.

Let’s go further. When you attracted the customer, you should intense his interest as much as possible. He should call out “I want it! I want it!” You may get this result using sales pitches. Moreover, texts should be written as much as in the user’s head built lined up the chain “ t-shirt → you”

And only after that step builds next – the direct sale. How user should realize that he wants to buy your clothes? To offer him to do that. And the better would be your offer, the higher the chance that customers would buy your goods. Here is also important what do you know about your audience and high-quality unique selling proposition.

4 best methods of making text for Instagram ads:

Writing well is not difficult. Much more difficult is to write long read which will encourage anyone to buy anything. It is a real art. It does not matter your writing talent because it won’t help you create a nice sales pitch. You should know marketing laws and to catch the psychologist’s ideas. The sales pitch is writing by its rules and techniques which make it more effective. Learn the next formulas:

  1. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

This formula has been around as much as copywriting. Nevertheless, it is extremely effective. According to AIDA, the sales pitch should begin with attracting the customer’s attention using a catchy headline or the first sentence of the post. Paid attention? Now you should intrigue with the first paragraph. Then write about the advantages. Try to write as better as you can to interest the customer. In the final of sales pitch use an appeal, try to encourage the customer to purchase.

  1. QUEST (Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate, Transition)

The QUEST structure of the text is different from AIDA because it is oriented to the target audience. Here is important to show that you are on the same page with it and you are sharing its point of view or pain. That you came to help them to get rid of this pain. So in the first line, you should talk about the main problem of your audience. It is important to hit the target. Then let them know that this question is familiar to you because you had a similar problem more than once. At this moment the psycho contact between customer and seller is established, so this step is very important. Then you should cheer the buyer and tell him how to solve the problem. Of course, using your product. The next step is to inspire him to right decision softly. Finally, call him to action. But this time strongly and resolutely. Done.

  1. 4U (Usefulness, Uniqueness, Ultraspecificity, Urgency)

Actually, this model is using to create nice catching headlines. But it is also possible to use in sales pitches writing. The main idea is to show how useful and unique the product is. Important to make an accent in urgency and importance of the deal. Considering the benefits of good (service) – it is important to get the real benefit. In other words, to sell the real advantages.

Now let’s talk about uniqueness. You don’t need to shout about the benefits of your product. Don’t shout at all. It would be better just to tell about the mechanism of your work. In a few words, prove that you are original and unique, talking about all the avail.

By the way, never use this stop-words:

  • best, reliable (the most);

  • low price, cheap;

  • flexible conditions (bargains);

  • a wide range of smth;

  • the high quality;

  • individual approach;

To be honest, people tired of that. You’d better think better and create something more interesting. Readers will be grateful for that.

Considering the horrible word ultra specificity is the benefit which you may measure in any metrics. Usually, it is percents, money or time. For example, “we will deliver it in 2 hours” or “your expenses will be reduced by 40%”. Do not afraid to share the numbers because that always works effectively and persuasively. The last component is urgency. The reason why is that people are buying more effectively is urgency. That is not required but preferred. Just recall, how people are running to the shops on Black Friday. They are grabbing everything. Just because that will not be repeated until the next year. If you have a possibility to make a limit of time, do it for sure. If not  – don’t worry. Use uniqueness, benefits and ultra specifics to convince.

4.PmPHS (Pain, more Pain, Hope, Solution)

This sales pitch writing technique is perfect for those who liked telling different horror stories in their childhood. That is a hard way, but it works. But only if you will offer the decision of problem, not just frightening. Actually, this variant has a special plan. Firstly, show the problem in all colors, describe all the disadvantages. Then push at this problem strongly, exaggerate all the minuses. As a final, tell about the easy right decision. Present it as an expected deliverance from pain.

Five ideas of writing sales posts to increase the sales

  1. Write about the way your product is meeting the needs.

Here is very important to describe everything in detail. By the way, some manufacturers are finding the need, at first, and then developed the product. In this way, it will be in demand. It is important not to praise the product. It is required to consider its benefits as a buyer. There is no big deal to the consumer how intensively and how long you developed the design of the house. The big role for them plays quality, safety, and warmth. It would be perfect also if it is smart, energy-saving and ergonomic space.

  1. Write about emotions that feel the customer while using your product.

For example, the wife gives the husband home brewery for his husband. What is the husband’s reaction? Endless admiration and love, tears of happiness, gratefulness. He kisses and hugs wife, boasts to friends. As you see, it is important to describe emotions. Do it as much as vivid and as emotional as possible.

  1. Writing about problems that solve this product.

Let’s take the socks, as an example. It is difficult to think about what problem they may solve (besides that you will not be afraid of taking off the shoes in a society). But it turned out that it also many other advantages in socks. Your legs will not be sweating and shoes smell well. Moreover, if there is cool print on socks, you may colorize boring meetings or conferences. Also, you will earn a good reputation with someone who has got a nice sense of humor.

  1. Describe the fears and doubts that may feel the person while he buys the product.

The customers always feel doubts and fears. Post like that is an amazing way to block it. Those uncertainties may be linked with delivers (What if my phone will break until the moment of its delivery?), product (What if the quality of lingerie is bad?), exchanging and returning ( What shall I do in case of this dress would not fit me well? Can I return it and get my money back?), etc. The consumer doesn’t know your company as well as you. Put yourself to customer’s shoes. Think about his concerns. After that – write a post that would dispel all the myth and convince the buyer of your responsibility.

  1. Tell why the customer’s life would become much better after using your product

It is easy as pie. But if you can’t answer this question ( at least in two-three sentences),  you should think about the necessity of the existence of goods like that. What purpose of creating this item if it even doesn’t make sense?


All in all here is all the information you need to know to write nice advertisement posts. Gain new knowledge and use it. Practice your skills. It is important to communicate with your audience (tested in practice, efficiency is guaranteed, it really helps!). Because people love attention and care. They are eager to be in contact. The most important tool of bargains is communication with the target audience. Your result depends on contact with customers.



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